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House GOP Leaving Minnesotans Behind

WAVE 4Who’s left behind?

Republicans are leaving kids and students behind — Despite a $2 Billion surplus, the House Republican budget drastically underfunds education. That means teacher layoffs, next to no investment in our earliest learners and higher tuition for Minnesota’s college students.

Republicans are leaving Greater Minnesota behind — Despite the rhetoric from Republicans on the campaign trail last year, they are ignoring Greater Minnesota. Their plan underfunds broadband infrastructure, underfunds rural schools and ignores oil trail safety.

They’d rather support corporate special interests

The big winners in the House Republican budget? Corporations and big business.

What are the House Republicans giving away?

They’re permanently eliminating the business property tax — that’s a $5 Billion tax giveaway over the next 8 years.  That big tax giveaway shortchanges our kids and mortgages Minnesota’s future. It also guarantees we’ll be facing budget deficits and more painful budget cuts in the near future.

Middle Class Tax Cut Bait and Switch — Think Jessie Checks 2.0

Remember when Gov. Venture sent us checks?  They were little and disappeared quickly. The House Republican exemption for the middle class is a temporary deduction that disappears pretty much as quickly

  • A single earner making $75,000 a year would get a $70 tax cut
  • That $70 cut goes away in 2 years
  • So, there’s a whopping savings of $140

Compare that $140 to the $5 Billion in cuts to big business — just to make it more real, here’s what that number looks like with all the zeros:  $5,000,000,000.

So, who are the House Republicans looking out for?  Not you and me. We’re being left in their dust as they run to their corporate overlords.


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