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House GOP Is Leaving Kids and Students Behind

School CorridorAs we saw during the floor debate earlier this week, the House GOP can’t run fast enough to their corporate overlords offering them large chunks of the states $2 Billion surplus.

How do we know they’re doing this? They’re:

Drastically underfunding schools — our children and students are the biggest losers. They get an increase in school funding of less than 1%. To compare things, for ever $1 schools receive, the House GOP is handing out $15 in tax giveaways.

Layout off teachers — School officials across the state have said teacher layoffs and budget cuts are guaranteed if the House GOP succeeds in underfunding schools.

No interest in investing in our youngest learners — the House GOP provide next to no investment in early learning. Thousands of 4-year-olds across our state will have no access to quality early education, which would help them succeed in school and beyond.

Increasing the cost of a higher education — The House GOP underfunds higher education. That means tuition increases are coming for more than 40,000 college students making it even harder for them to pay off their college loans so they can buy a home, etc. after graduation.



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