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Governor’s Jobs Bill would create 23,900 Minnesota jobs

Mark_DaytonGov. Mark Dayton has introduced a Jobs Bill that would invest $842 million in infrastructure projects statewide, creating more than 23,900 Minnesota jobs. This new Jobs Bill would help addresses many of the state’s critical infrastructure needs, while strengthening Minnesota’s economy and putting thousands of people to work.

“My proposals would put thousands of Minnesotans to work throughout our state,” said Gov. Dayton. “This bill gives priority to projects that have been delayed for years and are crucial to modernizing MnSCU and U of M buildings and classrooms, and improving local infrastructure. I ask the Legislature to join me in working to pass a Jobs Bill this session to boost Minnesota’s economy and address our state’s most crucial infrastructure needs.”

The Governor’s Jobs Bill includes critical infrastructure projects distributed all across Minnesota. The bill balances the needs of the state, with 43 percent of the projects are in Greater Minnesota, 38 percent in the Twin Cities Area, and 19 percent of the projects with statewide impacts. Gov. Dayton’ Jobs Bill also is designed to make state resources go farther, by leveraging more than $420 million in private, local, and federal dollars.

Statewide economic development

The Governor’s Jobs Bill supports regional centers statewide – investing in projects that will create jobs, attract additional private investment, and support economic development in communities across Minnesota. Some of those investments include:

  • Lewis & Clark Water System – Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill would invest $48 million in the Lewis & Clark System to deliver water to City of Magnolia, Lincoln-Pipestone Regional Water, and City of Worthington to meet growing needs of businesses and residents. This funding would complete the project and deliver water to more than 20,000 Minnesotans.
  • Port improvements – The Governor’s proposal would provide $10 million to make navigation improvements and other enhancements at the ports of St. Paul, Winona, Red Wing, and Duluth to promote regional economic development.
  • Litchfield power generation – To meet the growing needs of Litchfield area businesses, Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill would provide $5 million for the design and construction of power generation improvements.

  • Red Wing River Town renaissance – The Governor’s Jobs Bill would invest $4.5 million to improve access between the dock and downtown Red Wing and renovate that city’s performing arts center.
  • Blaine National Sports Center – Gov. Dayton’s proposal would allocate $4.2 million to complete expansion of playing fields at the National Sports Center in Blaine. This expansion would help the Sports Center continue to attract youth sports tournaments from around the country and world.
  • Economic development grants – The Governor’s Jobs Bill would invest $12 million in competitive economic development grant funding to assist communities across the state with business development.

Rail and pipeline safety

Every day, trains carrying oil and other hazardous materials pass through Minnesota. These trains present real risks to public safety and our natural resources. To improve rail safety, Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill would fund four major grade separations. The proposal also would implement new quiet zones in communities located along busy rail lines and fund the construction of a training center.

  • Highway rail separations – Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill includes $64.6 million for highway rail grade separations in Moorhead, Willmar, Prairie Island and Coon Rapids.
  • Quiet zones grants – To help improve safety and allow trains to run quietly, the Governor’s proposal would invest $10 million in a quiet zone competitive grant program for local communities.
  • Rail and pipeline safety training – Gov. Dayton’s proposal also would allocate $3.1 million for the construction of an oil train derailment and pipeline safety training venue at the Camp Ripley Joint Emergency Response Training Center.

Higher education

Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill invests in our state’s higher education systems to ensure that Minnesota students have access to world-class labs, classrooms, and training for the jobs of the future. Highlights of the higher education projects included in the Governor’s Jobs Bill include:

  • Asset preservation – To ensure that Minnesotans have access to high-quality education facilities, Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill would invest $140 million in asset preservation and replacement at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, and at University of Minnesota campuses statewide.
  • Modern agricultural labs – Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill would invest $18 million to replace two obsolete veterinary laboratories with a new veterinary isolation facility at the University of Minnesota to meet new disease challenges; including avian influenza.
  • Health and science workforce development – The Governor’s proposal would allocate $12 million for the construction of a 39,000 square-foot addition at Saint Paul College for allied health and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education.
  • Health education and research – To strengthen the University of Minnesota Medical School, Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Proposal would invest $8 million in a health science education and clinical research facility at the school.
  • Workforce development – Gov. Dayton’s Job’s Bill includes $5.7 million for the expansion of South Central College’s Nursing, Medical Assistant and Welder program capacity in North Mankato and Faribault.

Workforce housing and homelessness

Minnesota families depend on access to high-quality, affordable housing near their jobs and schools. Last year, Gov. Dayton and the Legislature invested a record $100 million in affordable, workforce hosing. This year, the Governor has included $50 million for workforce housing projects, enough to help 2,500 Minnesota households. The Governor’s Jobs Bill also includes $12 million for the Dorothy Day Center in St. Paul. More highlights are below:

  • Workforce housing projects – Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill would invest $50 million to preserve federally subsidized rental housing; acquire and rehabilitate or replace foreclosed properties; or construct, or acquire and rehabilitate, permanent supportive housing.
  • Dorothy Day Center – The Governor’s proposal would allocate $12 million for land acquisition, the design, construction, and furnishing of the Dorothy Day Center, which will provide mental and chemical health services, job training, and other services to people experiencing homelessness.
  • Changing Lives Center – Gov. Dayton’s proposal would invest $3.5 million in the Center for Changing Lives in Duluth, which will provide community services and transitional housing for youth at risk of homelessness

Flood mitigation and dam improvements

To better protect Minnesotans from flooding and dam failures, Gov. Dayton’s jobs bill proposal includes funding for flood mitigation and dam repair projects. The proposal would allow communities across Minnesota to fund improvements to existing flood control structures and the construction of levees. It also would help the DNR to repair, reconstruct, or remove dams, and better respond to dam safety emergencies. A listing of projects included in the Governor’s proposal is below:

  • Flood mitigation – Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill would allocate $13.67 million for flood hazard mitigation grants in Oslo, Ada, Melrose, Climax, Oakport, and Roseau River.
  • Otter Tail County flooding – To address flooding and high-water conditions on Big and Little McDonald Lakes, and Paul Lake, the Governor’s Jobs Bill would provide Otter Tail County a $10 million grant to make publicly-owned capital improvements.
  • Dam repair and safety – provide matching grants to local governments for dam repair and reconstruction at St. Cloud, Pelican Rapids, Norway Lake, and Canby

Preserving Minnesota’s treasures

Minnesota is blessed with a rich history. Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill would protect that heritage by investing in historic preservation projects around the state. The Governor’s bill would include the funding needed for unforeseen costs to the Minnesota State Capitol preservation project. It also would pay for the renovation and preservation of Historic Fort Snelling, which has not seen any updates in decades. Some of those investments include:

  • Minnesota State Capitol – Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill would invest $20 million to complete the Minnesota State Capitol preservation project. The funding would be used for unforeseen costs to mitigate leaks, address settling issues, and repair the south steps.
  • Fort Snelling Visitor Center – The visitor center at Fort Snelling is more than three decades old and poorly designed. To update the historic site, the Governor’s Jobs Bill includes $34.4 million for the renovation of vacant facilities in to a new visitor center.
  • Statewide historic preservation – Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill includes $2.5 million to preserve and restore historic sites across Minnesota; including the Forestville site in Preston and the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis
  • Lanesboro Stone Dam – The historic Lanesboro Stone Dam is more than 150 years old. To strengthen the dam and ensure it meets modern safety standards, the Governor’s Jobs Bill would allocate $950,000.

Other investments

The proposal also includes additional investments in projects of statewide and regional importance. Some of those projects include:

  • Correctional facility improvements – To help protect public and employee safety, Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill includes $61.4 million for asset preservation and improvements at Department of Corrections facilities.
  • Public facility upgrades – The Governor’s proposal would allocate $24.1 million for county solid waste processing facilities and regional sanitary districts located around the state.
  • Wastewater infrastructure – Gov. Dayton’s Jobs Bill would invest $21.6 million wastewater infrastructure projects in Tracy, Grove City, Clarissa, Wauburn, Brownton, Hoffman, Lakefield, and other communities around the state.
  • National Guard armories – To preservation and renovate the National Guard Armories around Minnesota, the Governor’s proposal would invest $10 million. This funding would benefit armories located in Owatonna, Litchfield, Rochester, Willmar, and West St. Paul.

A complete list of Gov. Dayton’s proposed Jobs Bill projects is available online.

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