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EP Needs Joan Howe-Pullis

As a political science major at the U of M, I often talk with other students about the current state of American politics. I get to hear from a wide range of students with different backgrounds and I find myself learning something new very day. However, I have noticed some common themes among the ways that college students view American Politics:  We’re worried, and perhaps even a bit cynical.

Can you blame us though? After all, recent political culture has led to filibusters, gerrymandering and last year’s government shutdown. Many students feel that the cause of these issues is the failure of America’s two primary political parties to work together in any meaningful way. Instead, it seems that both parties are heavily focused on defeating the other, even if it means preventing progress.

In the face of all these problems, students still have hope. We hope that as American voters continue to notice the failures of partisan politics, they will become more concerned with each individual candidate’s willingness to work with others, in addition to their stance on the issues. One candidate for the State House of Representatives from Eden Prairie’s district 48B has given me hope:  Joan Howe-Pullis.

I first met Joan while campaigning for the Safe and Supportive Schools Act, and found myself incredibly impressed by Joan’s ability to listen and work with those who disagreed with her. Joan is committed to hearing everybody’s voice with an open mind. I believe that Joan will be an effective and strong leader, but more importantly, Joan will listen to all her constituents, not just those who vote for her. Eden Prairie needs representatives who will work past party lines to get things done. Eden Prairie needs Joan Howe-Pullis.

Ben Sherlock
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, October 16, 2014

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