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Economic Snapshot: May, 2015

20150519transportationChristian E. Weller and Jackie Odum posted the following on the Center for American Progress website on May, 29, 2015:

The economy has been growing slowly for almost six years, but Americans still feel economically insecure. Policymakers need to strengthen economic growth by boosting infrastructure investments in roads, bridges, and schools; making sure that job growth continues to increase by abandoning ill-advised austerity measures at all levels of government; raising the minimum wage to make sure that those who have a job can actually make a living; making it easier for people to join a union; enacting paid family leave policies; and targeting more policy efforts at the most economically vulnerable.

It is clear that economic security will not happen with wishful thinking or even with stronger economic growth alone. Policymakers need to build on the progressive successes of the recent past in order to make growth a reality for most American families.

You can read the original post here.

During this legislative session, the House GOP passed legislation ensuring that adequate maintenance of our state’s roads and bridges will again get “a lick and a promise.” With the budget surplus we have, the House Republican majority felt corporate tax giveaways were more important than getting goods to market safely — or children to and from home, school and activities for that matter.

It was so bad that a large coalition of businesses and organizations called Move>>MN put on a 3-day “Duct Tap Tour”. You can read more about that here.

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