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Deceptions from Double Talkin’ Dan Severson


Severson says:  Thousands of “ghosts” voted in the 2008 Senate Election

“When you take a look at the analysis afterward, there was a private entity… privately funded entity that did the hard research on that and came up with 6224 names that they could not figure out where those people lived or who they were, where these votes came from…”

(Dan Severson Interview “On the Way with Paul Ridgeway” Radio Show 10.14.14)


In November 2010, a report titled, “Facts about Ineligible Voting and Voter Fraud in Minnesota” was released.  The report’s findings were based on data for Minnesota County Attorneys.

The report found that only 26 people had been convicted of voter fraud in the 2008 election. That comes to 0.00089 percent of the votes cast in 2008.

“Minnesota County Attorneys Association’s executive director, John Kingrey, says the massive reports of voter fraud in the 2008 election were ‘widely overstated’ and ‘frivolous.’

John Kingrey said about the Minnesota Majority list that was investigated by county attorneys:

“It was just a lot of work given to a very poor list,” he said. ‘Very, very few have been prosecuted.” (Minnesota Independent, “County attorneys: Minnesota Majority reports on voter fraud ‘frivolous’” November 29, 2010)


While speaking at a 2014 tea party event, Dan Severson still claims in 2010 there was voter fraud in Crow Wing County – even though the Crow Wing County Attorney did not find fraud.

“It was 2010 during that Secretary of State race there was an incident up in Crow Wing County. I’m not sure how many of you remember that. I got a call that night it was about that very thing. There were some adults; it was an adult daycare facility that had been bused in there. And it was somebody who was not partisan at all. He was a veteran. He saw this stuff going on and he just went irate.” (Dan Severson remarks to the West Metro Tea Party Meeting, June 24, 2014)


On December 3, 2010 Crow Wing County Attorney announces he found no evidence of voter fraud.

“A prosecutor in north-central Minnesota says he won’t file charges in a complaint that two disabled voters had their ballots filled out by a group home worker. Crow Wing County Attorney Don Ryan says there’s no evidence the worker influenced the clients’ votes.

Ryan says the voters filled out their absentee ballots, and the worker merely darkened the ovals so scanning machines would read them.” (Associated Press, “Minn. Prosecutor Finds No Evidence of Voter Fraud” December 3, 2010)

Daily Double Talk from Double Talkin’ Dan Severson

Severson says County Attorneys should be indicted

“There needs to be a strengthening of the statute, and county attorneys need to be indicted under Statute 201.275 for failure to perform their duties”.

(Severson testimony before the Senate Local Government and Elections Committee regarding Photo ID legislation, March 22nd, 2011)

Severson says he now wants to work with County Attorneys on a panel he creates

“…if there are issues of fraudulent voting or accusations, we refer to a panel of county attorneys we would put together basically to say is it credible complaint or is it frivolous? If it is frivolous we get rid of it, if it is credible we have those county attorneys forward it onto the county attorney whose jurisdiction they have and then there is accountability because in the past what we have is some county attorneys who have refused to prosecute and so when that happens we lose the ability…we lose the ability to actually get any traction on that particular complaint.”

(The Daily Agenda Podcast – Severson interview with Blois Olson, September 24, 2014)

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