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Vote Dawson, Howe-Pullis, Selcer, Sund

I’m supporting all for their dedication and desire to make sure all voices are heard, their willingness to cross party lines, and to serve the public with fairness and compassion. Amy Dawson’s incomparable legal experience runs the gamut from construction law to community advocacy, ensuring all children are not denied health care access because of their disabilities. Yvonne Selcer is a champion for women, educational reform, repealing business taxes for a more competitive Minnesota and safeguarding great care for the elderly and the disabled. As a former small business owner, volunteer in the ministry, and activist for Out-Front Minnesota, Joan Howe-Pullis understands the value of connectedness and how it translates into creating what she describes as a “peaceful, productive community” that can only be accomplished through “collaboration.” Sharon Sund is a wife, mother, small business owner and scientist, whose goals are the goals of the nation, to protect Social Security and Medicare, to create 21st-century jobs, invest in education, and “fight for fairness.”

There is a national consensus of support for advocacy on behalf of children, the elderly and disabled, pay equity and equality. All these women are in sync with a majority of Americans who want financial reforms, investment in transportation options and less polarization.

In the run-down of the 2014 Legislative session, Jenifer Loon voted for one outlier in an otherwise ensemble of all partisan nay votes. Likewise, her Republican counterpart in Congress, Erik Paulsen, is MIA when it comes to working for everyone’s best interests. Government for the few runs both their legislative priorities, as is the case with Selcer’s opponent, Kirk Stensrud, who hasn’t changed; he’s still a one-note guy working on behalf of businesses: this year it’s for builders against mandatory sprinklers in million dollar homes.

Vicki Pellar Price
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie Sun-Current, October 25, 2014

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October, 2014 Newsletter

It’s Crunch Time!

We’re now in what’s called GOTV (Get Out the Vote) time for our candidates. If you haven’t had time to help, now’s the time when you’re needed the most. Why?

When Dems Vote, Dems Win

We have the number of voters in our district to assure that our candidates win. The problem is getting them to realize that voting when a presidential candidate isn’t on the ballot is critical. That’s where you come in. With your help either going to a voter’s door or calling a voter on the phone can help get them to the polls.

If you’ve got several hours, that’s wonderful. If you only have an hour or so, your time will still make a difference. So, please join us.

Rep. Yvonne Selcer, HD48A


Rep. Selcer’s Get Out the Vote efforts are being handled as the rest of her campaign events have been, at the CD3 DFL Coordinated Campaign Office, 915 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN. When you have a spare hour or more, go there and help her reach more voters.

Joan Howe-Pullis, HD48B Candidate


Joan continues to knock doors and phone people daily. Her campaign events are on our SD48 DFL calendar on this site.

Starting October 31, we’ll be moving to GOTV efforts on the B-side of our district working from 18285 Croixwood Ln.

If you’d like to help Joan’s campaign or if you’d prefer to not leave the district to help our DFL ticket, that’s where you should go. We’ll be posting more specifics about this as we move toward Election Day, November 4.

HD48B GOTV Efforts from October 31 through Election Day

If you’re able to help with phoning or knocking and don’t want to work outside our district, e-mail us at [email protected]. Let us know what times your available and what you’d like to do. We’ll get back to you with specifics on our GOTV efforts. We’ll need help with lot of different things.

Here’s an easy way for you to volunteer:

When Democrats vote, Democrats win. Here are ways you can help make that happen:
Volunteer Shifts

Can You Host a Lawn Sign?

Our local House candidates are hoping to build visibility with lawn signs. If you’re willing to have one in your yard between now and Election Day, please e-mail us at . We’ll pass your information along to our candidates.

Our DFL Ticket

To see who else is on the ballot, visit this post. We’ve also included information on the Eden Prairie City Council seats up for election this year and information on the judicial races we’ll have on the ballot.

Toward the bottom of the page, you’ll find links to print out actual sample ballots to take with you to the polls.

Did You Vote Early?

You can check the status of your ballot by visiting this website. If you see there’s a problem, you have time to get things straightened out by contacting your City Clerk.

If You Haven’t Cast Your Ballot Early, You Still Have Time

If you hate waiting in lines or aren’t certain if you can make it to the polls, you have the option this year to do early, no excuse absentee voting.

Eden Prairie

Weekdays between now and October 31, you can go to the City Center, 8080 Mitchell Rd, to vote. You will be able to vote between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. On November 1, you can vote between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. On November 3, you can vote from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Visit the City Center, 14600 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55345 during the hours below:

Saturday, October 25:  9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Tuesday, October 28, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Wednesday, October 29, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Thursday, October 30:  8:00 am to 7:00 pm
Saturday, November 1:  9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Monday, November 3:  7:30 am to 5:00 pm

If You Vote Early, Take a Dem Friend

You can help make a difference by talking with a Dem friend or neighbor and inviting them to come with you. You can vote together at your local City Center (no separate polling locations until Election Day).  Know someone who can’t or doesn’t drive? Take them with you. You’re ensuring their vote counts.

Not Certain if You’re Registered to Vote?

This year, you can visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website to:

  • Check if your registration is current, and
  • Register to vote.

If you’d prefer to register in person, you can go to the City Clerk’s office at your municipality’s City Center and fill out the form there.

 Have College Students in Your Family?

Make certain they’re voting this election, especially if they’re in Minnesota. If possible, have them vote at home. That helps our local House candidates as well as our “upticket” candidates.

If they’ve voted via absentee ballot, you can use the Secretary of State’s website to determine if their ballot has been received.

League of Women Voters House Candidate Forums

Didn’t get to the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum? You can watch it here:


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Back in July, Rep. Loon outlined her opposition to SWLRT:  “The overall return on investment of this $1.7 billion project does not warrant support. It lacks a completed environmental study of its impact on Eden Prairie. Moreover, ridership projections fall well below levels necessary to support the long-term operating budget of the line.” (July 10 letter to the editor).

I was alarmed and disappointed to learn that our state representative seems to be basing her opposition to SWLRT on very flimsy rationale. I soon realized her opposition was shared by almost every other Republican lawmaker, including the current Republican candidate for governor, Commissioner Jeff Johnson and our own Eden Prairie City Council member Brad Aho.

So I did some research. I learned that MnDOT publishes annual mass transit reports that detail the ridership and operating costs of every single mass transit system int he state. This is what I learned:

  • The average operating cost per ridership (total operating costs divided by total number of riders) for the years 2006 through 2012 for Metro Light Rail (Blue Line (LRT) $2.43; Metro Fixed Bus:  $3.42; Southwest Transit:  $7.21. Since fares run between $1.75 and $3 per ride, that means that the Metro Light Rail is the only metro transit system that is currently potentially covering all the operating costs with ridership fares.
  • In 2012, the last year data is available, ridership levels for Metro Light Rail exceeded year 2020 projections by 29 percent with 31,300 average weekday boardings.

Eden Prairie needs a stat representative who bases her positions and votes on the best interests of her community, the economy, the environment — not the deceptive and wrong ideology of her political party. Please join me in voting for Joan Howe-Pullis on Nov. 4.

Ellen Hoerle
Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie News, October 23, 2014

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As a high school senior, I get told regularly not to waste my time with state politics. Increasingly, it seems that the people of Eden Prairie are exasperated by partisan politics impeding our government. A good number of them also feel so alienated by the convoluted jargon of politics that they resign themselves to the belief that our problems are unsolvable — and to be perfectly honest, they are unless we tear down the barriers between our state’s leadership and our personal lives.

That is why I am supporting Joan Howe-Pullis in her ongoing campaign for State Representative for District 48B. Throughout the past few months, Joan has proved herself a stellar listener, a quick learner, and a proactive defender of morality. In contrast, our current representative has increasingly surrendered to a policy of inaction. Despite admitting that both childhood bullying and workplace equality are critical issues within our state, our representative rejected legislation that would tackle these matters. Admittedly, these bills were not perfect; however, we cannot continue to condone a path of defeat. The future is in our hands:  it is our duty as citizens to create a great one. I know that regardless of your political affiliation, ultimately Joan is committed to creating this future and to representing our common interest.

In the end, however, it is your vote that will determine the outcome of the November 4th election. I urge you to consider it carefully, even in a midterm election, your vote is so much more than just a number. It is unique to you and your voice, and it is about time we reclaim the voice of Eden Prairie as one of hard work, unity and fearlessness.

Karen Lin
Eden Prairie News, October 23, 2014

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Why Elect Joan Howe-Pullis

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