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The State of the State

On Thursday, Governor Dayton delivered his annual State of the State Address to the Minnesota legislature. In it, Governor Dayton highlighted a number of his priorities for this session, including education, transportation, and clean water for all Minnesotans. “Minnesota’s challenges and opportunities can’t wait for next year,” said Governor Dayton. “This is our moment of truth. Minnesota’s future is now in our hands.”

A Strong Start for All Learners

As Governor Dayton and Lt. Governor Smith make stops around the state to highlight Governor Dayton’s proposal to send all Minnesota four-year-olds to high-quality preschool programs, a new report out last week shows Minnesota ranking near the bottom nationally in the number of four-year-olds enrolled in public preschool, stressing the critical need for this investment. Education Commissioner Cassellius recently recounted her own experience with early education, and newspapers around the state are calling on the legislature to act in the interest of our youngest learners.

Investing in Minnesota Jobs and Infrastructure

Last Tuesday, Governor Dayton proposed a bonding bill that would put up to 23,900 Minnesotans to work while making critical investments in state infrastructure, including improvements to MnSCU and U of M buildings and classrooms, local parks, roads, and infrastructure across the state. The Governor also stressed the importance of this jobs bill in his State of the State address, including his rail safety investments included in the proposal.

Sustainable Transportation for Minnesota’s Future

In his State of the State on Thursday, Governor Dayton also highlighted the need to increase our investments in better highways, roads, bridges, and public transit in a way that provides reliable funding for the next ten years. Lt. Governor Smith has been on the road recently talking about our state’s transportation needs, including a recent stop in Mankato.

Protecting and Improving Minnesota’s Waters

Governor Dayton has been touring the state recently, talking to Minnesotans about his proposal to protect and improve our water by implementing buffer strips alongside Minnesota lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. These meetings, in Worthington, Austin, and Northfield have drawn large, passionate audiences. Governor Dayton is committed to taking this critical step forward for water quality, a call he reiterated in his State of the State address last Thursday.

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Minnesota could be among the first states in the country to offer free, full-day early learning programs for every four-year-old – that is, if a proposal from Governor Mark Dayton becomes law this session. If passed, the proposal would allow an estimated 47,300 students to attend preschool in the program’s first year of operation. Within just a few years, the Department of Education predicts that number would grow to roughly 57,000 four-year-olds statewide – giving every kid the great start they need to prepare for kindergarten, and succeed in school and life. [Read More: http://www.mn.gov/governor/images/uni…]

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2015 Budget for a Better Minnesota

image002Last night, Governor Mark Dayton outlined his vision for Minnesota’s future – highlighting his proposals for preK-12 education, higher education affordability, and transportation. What did we learn?

Now is the time to act. This year, we have the rare opportunity to lay the foundation for Minnesota’s future.

For more than a decade, Minnesota was saddled by chronic deficits – burdened by shifts, gimmicks, and deep cuts. But during the past few years, Governor Dayton has worked to clean up the state’s fiscal mess, turn deep deficits into surpluses, and position Minnesota for future success.

  • A Balanced Budget – When Governor Dayton took office in 2011, our state faced a $6.1 billion deficit. Thanks to Minnesota workers and businesses, and a Governor willing to make tough decisions, we have a nearly $2 billion surplus today.
  • Building on Past Investments – During the last two years, the Governor and DFL Legislature made long-overdue investments in all-day Kindergarten, and paying back the shifts and gimmicks that hurt Minnesota schools and seniors.
  • Laying the Foundation – Now with the Minnesota’s fiscal house in order, Governor Dayton believes we have a great opportunity this year to build on these investments and lay the foundation for an even better Minnesota.


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image001Gov. Mark Dayton today introduced a Jobs Bill that would invest $842 million in infrastructure projects statewide, creating more than 23,900* Minnesota jobs. This new Jobs Bill would help addresses many of the state’s critical infrastructure needs, while strengthening Minnesota’s economy and putting thousands of people to work.

“My proposals would put thousands of Minnesotans to work throughout our state,” said Gov. Dayton. “This bill gives priority to projects that have been delayed for years and are crucial to modernizing MnSCU and U of M buildings and classrooms, and improving local infrastructure. I ask the Legislature to join me in working to pass a Jobs Bill this session to boost Minnesota’s economy and address our state’s most crucial infrastructure needs.”

The Governor’s Jobs Bill includes critical infrastructure projects distributed all across Minnesota. The bill balances the needs of the state, with 43 percent of the projects are in Greater Minnesota, 38 percent in the Twin Cities Area, and 19 percent of the projects with statewide impacts. Gov. Dayton’ Jobs Bill also is designed to make state resources go farther, by leveraging more than $420 million in private, local, and federal dollars.

Statewide Economic Development

The Governor’s Jobs Bill supports regional centers statewide – investing in projects that will create jobs, attract additional private investment, and support economic development in communities across Minnesota. Some of those investments include: (more…)

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