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Bill Maher’s Brag Reflex

Looks like our senate district performed above the national average in this off year election. But, that’s not much of a claim to fame.  And, even though we performed better, we still had a lot of people who sat home.

Those people who stayed away from the voting booth gave us an extremely close A-side race, and no voting booth help for a great B-side candidate.  Both Yvonne Selcer and Joan Howe-Pullis worked hard for many months for your attention and vote.

Here’s Bill Maher’s take on this year’s voter turnout:

Funny, but a true message. For democracy to work, people must participate. Don’t like who’s representing you? Don’t like the bills they’re voting for? Don’t like the outcome of the election?  Get involved now for 2016.

Didn’t bother to vote? No complaining allowed.

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