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August, 2014 Newsletter

What Our Candidates are Doing

Rep. Yvonne Selcer, HD48A


Rep. Yvonne Selcer and her team continue to work hard knocking on doors and phoning our community members, and the reception has been great. As our legislator for 48A, she’s gathering valuable information on our community’s priorities during these conversations. She’ll then use the information to craft legislation during the upcoming session at the Capitol.  Yvonne enjoyed seeing many of you at the Neighborhood Night Out gatherings; please contact her if you would like her to stop by or have an event you would like to invite her to attend.

Yvonne continues her busy schedule serving her constituents, and most recently attended the Metropolitan Council’s “Metro Water Supply Planning Meeting”, which was held at the Minnetonka Community Center. Even in the Land of 10,000 Lake, there are some looming water supply issues. Rep Selcer is working hard to ensure we’re ready to partner with our locally elected officials to meet these challenges.

As we’ve said, the response to Rep. Selcer, her work and her message continues to be positive. Unfortunately, her race remains a top target for outside organizations, such as the billionaire Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity. She needs your help to win in November and continue the good work begun in the last two legislative sessions.  You’ll find Yvonne’s door knocking schedule on our Senate District 48 website.  Please contact Maars to help with door knocking or in any way you prefer and time allows.  As always, Rep Selcer is grateful for all the help and support she’s receiving, and looks forward to celebrating victory with you in November, and continuing to partner with our community members to move MN forward.

Joan Howe-Pullis, HD48B Candidate


Joan and her team have knocked over 4,000 doors on the B-side of the district. She’s continue to have extraordinary conversations with the people she’s meeting during her door knocks.

If you have some free time over the next weeks leading up to the election and you’d like to join Team Joan, they’d appreciate your help coordinating lawn sign locations and helping volunteers in getting sign locations and placements. E-mail [email protected] if you can help.

Laurie McKendry, SD48


While this isn’t the year for the State Senate race, Laurie McKendry is continuing to work with both Rep. Selcer and Joan Howe-Pullis in their races this year.

“I’m enjoying getting out to the doors again and seeing familiar faces as I talk with people about both Yvonne and Joan,” said Laurie.

The B-Side Ticket is Set

We now know that Jenifer Loon, the incumbent in House District 48B, will be the challenger Joan Howe-Pullis will face this November.

Most people think Rep. Loon is a nice, little lady hold views the majority of our district does. But, that last part just isn’t true.  And, one vote doesn’t erase everything else she’s supporter, or not supported over the years.

Ms. Loon is an Assistant Minority Leader in the House. That means she helps the Minority Leader keep the Republicans in the Minnesota House united.

Think she’s a moderate when it comes to voting? Not so much. She voted with her party over 94% of the time.

What’s Her Background?

Rep. Loon comes from a family in South Dakota which has had people in office there. Her first job was working in her uncle’s State Senate office.

She’s worked in positions in Congressional Republican offices for many years. She’s also lobbied government for Republican positions (anti union with the Association of Builders and Contractors and against average people for the Association of Credit and Collection Agencies).

We can’t help but wonder about someone who talks about “pocketbook” issues while always getting a paycheck from the government or for using the connections she made while working for the government to help industries get special access really understands the pressures regular people face in today’s economy.

It's a Party PartyWe’ve got a night of fun and games planned for our Party (DFL) Party (Celebration) event. When:  Saturday, September 6, 7:00 to 10:00 pm Where:  Minnetonka Community Center, 14600 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN Visit our website to purchase your ticket, so you can enjoy:

  • Music
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Bingo
  • Black Jack
  • Poker
  • a Great Silent Auction (check out the items) and
  • Candidates and Officials

Ticket prices are $25 for an adult, $15 for students and people 65+. In addition to a great time, you’ll be able to start your holiday shopping with our auction items AND help us support our candidates this election cycle. See you there!

What Can You Do Between Now and Election Day?

Things are heating up was we move toward Election Day in November. If you haven’t yet offered your time to a campaign, please make time to do it. You’ll have a great time, meet some great people AND help our candidates win in November.

What can you do?

There’ are lots of things a campaign needs help with:

  • Make a contribution to one of our local races or to SD48 DFL if you haven’t yet
    • your first $50 contributed to a state campaign or party unit is refunded by the State of Minnesota to help make it possible for regular people to run
  • Have some time on upcoming weekends or week days?
    • Help set up lawn signs
    • Help knock doors (there’s good training and you don’t go alone)
    • Help with phone calls (we’ve got a great office in Hopkins, or we can set you up with a virtual phone bank)
    • Help enter information
    • Help write a letter to the editor
    • Help feed volunteers
    • Got other ideas? Let us know, and we’ll “hook you up.”

You’ll meet a great group of people, and help make change in our district with your time  (It’s also a great thing for families to do.) Need to get connected?  Email us at inf[email protected]. We’ll get you in touch with the right people.

Don’t be a “Drop Off Dem”

Haven’t heard the above phrase? It’s what people involved in politics call those of us who only bother to vote in presidential elections. And, it’s what we’re betting Sen. David Hann hope you’ll be this November.


We have the numbers to elect the people who are putting all their efforts into running for office if we just bother to vote.

What happens when we don’t?

Remember 2010? That’s the last non-presidential election. We wound up with a Republican-controlled Legislature. That legislature shut down our government for the longest time in our state’s history. It also brought us the two constitutional amendments that so divided our city.

CD3 DFL Picnic

???????????????????????????????We had a great time at the CD3 DFL annual picnic at our own Round Lake Park. We were joined by CD3 DFL Candidate Sharon Sund, DFL Hennepin County Eddie Frizell, Senate District 48 DFL Candidate Laurie McKendry, HD48A Rep. Yvonne Selcer and HD48B Candidate Joan Howe-Pullis.

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