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Another week in review for the GOP 2016 field

Another week for the GOP potential presidential field, and another week of struggles. Here’s a recap:

Chris Christie

Well it’s a safe bet that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had the worst week in the GOP field. 

This week, while dealing with the backlash from the indictments of his allies in the Bridgegate scandal, he also received what’s being called a major “blow” to his “biggest” accomplishment as governor. After Chris Christie realized that there were major funding holes in the agreement he made with public workers to properly fund the

pension system, he decided to argue that his own law was unconstitutional to get out of making the agreed upon payments.

To top it off, a poll came out this week showing that a majority of New Jersey’s Republicans (yes, you read that right) would rather another GOP contender be their next President over Christie. Ouch.

All this while we’re learning that Chris Christie may be skirting New Jersey’s “pay-to-pay” laws after a fundraiser for his 2016 PAC was co-hosted by a contractor for his administration.

Here’s how this is going over with the public:

Editorial, Star-Ledger: Christie on pensions: Hypocrisy defined

Editorial, Star-Ledger: NJ pensions are stingy, not generous

Editorial, Asbury Park Press: Christie’s motto: Blame public workers

Editorial, Daily Record: ‘No Pain, No Gain’ tour hides a bit of truth

Marco Rubio

Sen. Marco Rubio had a week of showing everyone just how he plans to broaden the GOP’s appeal to minority groups. On Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio headlined a fundraiser for a policy group that supports conversion therapy as a form of treatment to stop an individual from being gay.

Also last week, while in Phoenix, Marco Rubio was confronted by a DREAMer who asked the Republican candidate if he supported President Obama’s DACA and DAPA programs which offer relief to millions of immigrants from the fear of deportation. Rubio’s answer? “I do not.” And then he ran away.

From a guy who claims to be young, new, and fresh, he’s got the same misguided priorities of the whole GOP presidential field. Even a close ally and GOP political strategist looked down on his actions.

Here’s how that’s playing:

Buzzfeed: Rubio headlines fundraiser for policy group that supports conversion therapy

Univision: Marco Rubio no apoya DACA y DAPA 

Scott Walker

This week Scott Walker got some less than ideal news which some are saying may hinder his 2016 run. Attempting to run on his fiscal management, this week’s news that there will be a big budget shortfall because of Walker’s tax cuts for wealthy individuals undercuts the entire premise for his nascent presidential campaign. And to top it off, Jezebel aptly noticed that Walker’s budget would slash funds for child victims of abuse. It didn’t go over well.

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