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2015 House GOP Jobs and Energy Bill

06.25.14.Thissen2On April 23, 2015, the House GOP omnibus “Jobs and Energy Affordability” bill passed in the GOP-controlled Minnesota House. After it’s passage, House Minority Leader Paul Thissen had this to say:

“The Republican’s Omnibus Jobs and Energy bill reverses course on decades of progress on job creations, economic development, workforce housing and clean and renewable energy. It also repeals or weakens a number of provisions beneficial to workers and consumers in Minnesota.

Republicans call this a jobs and energy bill, but unfortunately they’re putting all their energy into cutting wages and cutting jobs. We should continue Minnesota’s economic progress by supporting hardworking Minnesotans and Greater Minnesota. But, this bill leaves them behind so that corporate special interests can get further ahead.

Despite a $2 Billion surplus, this bill cuts funding for jobs and economic development, falling $64 Million short of the Governor’s budget. Provisions within the bill:

  • curtail the development of broadband in Greater Minnesota,
  • slash job creation programs,
  • shutter our trades offices in South Korea, Brazil and Germany,
  • reduce our job retraining funds,
  • cut programs that keep Minnesotans from becoming homeless,
  • eliminate funding to keep our seniors from being scammed by gold coin investments,
  • cut the wages of tipped employees,
  • raid the unemployment insurance fund, and
  • stop us from repaying our debts to the Iron Range.”

Doesn’t sound like a good deal for the majority of Minnesotans to us. How about to you?  Don’t like the direction the House GOP is trying to take us?




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