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Q & A from the Campaign Trail

Our DFL candidates took a few minutes from their packed campaign schedules to answer a few questions for the e-newsletter.
Laurie McKendry, State Senate Candidate, SD 48  
Q: Are you seeing any interesting trends?
A: I’m finding many new voters in the district.  People who will be casting their first vote this November, as well as people who’ve moved into our communities since our last election.  The energy these people are bringing to their evaluation of us candidates is inspiring.
Q: What do you think you’d bring to the State Senate that would benefit residents of Eden Prairie and Minnetonka?
A: Growing up in a single-parent home, I had to pull myself up by my boot straps.  I know how tough that can be.  I’ve also built two successful businesses, I know what it takes to create jobs.  And, jobs are what we need to grow our economy locally and at the state level.
Yvonne Selcer, State Representative Candidate, HD 48A
Q: Why did you decide to run?
A: I want to bring the valuable lessons learned, and the experience gained, from eight years of public service on the Hopkins School Board to bear on the challenges facing us today.  We need to bring back a strong, common-sense, cooperative approach to St. Paul to represent our new district.
Q: What experiences have prepared you to be a State Representative?
A: My business management, teaching, and public service experience have prepared me to lead. While school board chair, our district earned awards for excellence in fiscal management and reporting, as we brought our district out of debt and into a strong fiscal position.  These experiences have taught me the value of listening, learning, and working across the aisle to get the job done well.
Tori Hill, State Representative Candidate, HD 48B
Q: If elected, how would you work to avoid gridlock in the next session?
A: Citizens expect their representatives to work together to get things done for our state.  As an elected official, I will work hard on issues that are important to me and my party, but I understand that finding common ground is needed to develop sensible, balanced solutions that work.

Q: How do you view borrowing from state reserve funds in order to pay back school shift funds?                  

A: The reserve funds are for emergencies situations.  To borrow from reserve funds to pay back the loan from the schools is like taking money from one pocket and putting it in another.  They both are loans.  We need to find funding solutions, not gimmicks.

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