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🌊 Make your voice heard! 🌊 Come to the DFL SD48 Caucus Feb. 6th, at Eden Prairie High School, registration begins at 6:30pm

What: Senate District 48 Precinct Caucus
When: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 7:00 PM (Registration at 6:30 PM)
Where: Eden Prairie High School, East Commons

Make your voice heard! Come to Caucus Feb 6th with your Resolution ready!

Want to help shape the platform of the DFL and communicate your belief of the issues the Party should stand for? The caucus and convention process sets the framework for the DFL Party by helping shape the platform and Action Agenda – come to Caucus and propose a Resolution on an issue on which you feel strongly – move our Platform forward.

You can find the Resolution form here:
Resolutions Form

Please come to caucus with your Resolution prepared and share it with your friend/family – ask them to bring the same to their precincts!

It is helpful to check the Platform to see if it is already part of the DFL platform/action agenda:

See you then!!



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