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The numbers tell the tale of ideologies

In the article “in fiercely fought race, Minnesota is yardstick” (Sept. 30), it became apparent that Wisconsin Gov. Scot Walker is desperately hoping voters don’t do their own homework and discover that almost all economic indicators point to Minnesota as the winner in the area of economic recovery.

At the Bureau of Economic Analysis website, the news release of June 11 shows that Wisconsin’s economic recovery has trailed Minnesota’s for all four years of data presented:

GDP growth rateMinn.Wisc.

At the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, the news release of Sept. 19 reveals:

Unemployment rateMinn.Wisc.
August 20135.06.7
August 20144.35.6

The same news release provides job gains from August 2013 to August 204:  Minnesota, 44,600; Wisconsin, 45,500. Hardly the “trouncing” the Walker campaign attributes to this small margin and single measure of victory.

From the U.S. Department of Labor website’s Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, more bad news for Wisconsin:

Annual wagesMinn.Wisc.

Another report on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, the Economics Daily issued April 24, reveals that Wisconsin has been lagging in job growth over the last decade:

Number of jobs20032013Difference% of change
Wisc.2,773,8002,818,100 44,300+1.6

If Walker wins, it will demonstrate that voters value and are willing to vote based on ideology rather than their own experience. Also, there are ways to increase the take-home pay of the employed populance:  1) increase wages; 2) decrease taxes. Minnesota has taken approach No. 1 and Wisconsin has taken approach No. 2. It will be interesting to continue to track the difference in political and economic trajectories to see if the magnanimous approach of increasing the minimum wage will be more effective than the punishing approach of restricting collective bargaining rights of union public employees.

Ellen Hoerle
Eden Prairie
StarTribune, October 4, 2014

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This Election is About Progress

Minnesota_in_United_StatesIn 2010, Republicans took control of the Legislature. They:

  • shut down state government,
  • borrowed $2.8 billion from our schools and
  • balanced the state budget on the backs of lower- and middle-income workers while protecting millionaires and billionaires.

That’s their record.

The DFL has a far better record of making the progress needed to move Minnesota forward.

After the 2012 election, Gov.  Dayton and DFLers:

  • turned a budget deficit into a surplus, created jobs (Minnesota has the lowest unemployment rate in eight years, 2.8 million jobs – the most in state history) and
  • invested in education (which provide free all-day kindergarten and two year college tuition freeze).

The past two years have been about building a Better Minnesota for all, not a select few:

  • the Women’s Economic Security Act levels the workforce playing field for women;
  • an increase in the minimum wage helps our lowest paid workers, many of them head of households; and
  • marriage equality provides rights that have been denied to thousands of loving couples.

All of those actions have a direct impact on families.

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Minnesota Doing Better to Support Equality and Opportunity

Thanks to Gov. Dayton and DFL leaders, we’ve got a stronger environment of equality for all of us, not just those who can buy it:

In our eyes, that’s truly doing unto others as you’d like done unto you.


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Statement from DFL Chair Ken Martin About the Minimum Wage Increase

“Later this year, 360,000 Minnesotans will receive a much needed pay raise. This will benefit their families and communities. And thanks to the index provision, low-wage workers can rest easy today knowing that their wages will keep up with inflation and not be held hostage by politicians.

“As the DFL celebrates its 70th anniversary tomorrow, April 15, we can do so with the confidence that our Party continues the work we were formed to do – improve the lives of working people and build a Better Minnesota for all, not just a select few.”

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Raise the Wage Rally

The first day of the 2014 Legislative Session was an exciting day for minimum wage proponents. Advocates rallied in the Capitol Rotunda to encourage the legislature and Gov. Dayton to raise the state’s minimum wage.

A performance by Brother Ali and a singing and chanting crowd welcomed several senators to the stage as Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk addressed the rally. With his union card in hand, the Majority Leader announced the recent appointment of conference committee members and his hope for quick action on the issue.

Senate and House conferees met on Thursday and heard three and a half hours of public testimony. The committee will meet again on Friday for more public discussion

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