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This Election is About Progress

Minnesota_in_United_StatesIn 2010, Republicans took control of the Legislature. They:

  • shut down state government,
  • borrowed $2.8 billion from our schools and
  • balanced the state budget on the backs of lower- and middle-income workers while protecting millionaires and billionaires.

That’s their record.

The DFL has a far better record of making the progress needed to move Minnesota forward.

After the 2012 election, Gov.  Dayton and DFLers:

  • turned a budget deficit into a surplus, created jobs (Minnesota has the lowest unemployment rate in eight years, 2.8 million jobs – the most in state history) and
  • invested in education (which provide free all-day kindergarten and two year college tuition freeze).

The past two years have been about building a Better Minnesota for all, not a select few:

  • the Women’s Economic Security Act levels the workforce playing field for women;
  • an increase in the minimum wage helps our lowest paid workers, many of them head of households; and
  • marriage equality provides rights that have been denied to thousands of loving couples.

All of those actions have a direct impact on families.

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