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House GOP Shows How Classy They Are

Statement from Minnesota DFL Chair Ken Martin:

2015 House GOP Caucus Floor Packet“Today the House Republican Caucus used taxpayer funds to distribute packets to legislators attacking Gov. Mark Dayton.

“It is appalling that the Republicans think it is OK to disrespect a sitting Governor in the manner they did using taxpayer dollars. While Republicans seem gleeful that they have thrown cold water on Gov. Dayton and DFL attempts to move this state forward, the reality is Minnesotans expect more from their elected officials during this special session than juvenile behavior like this exhibited by House Republicans.

“Over the last three weeks, Gov. Dayton fought for a better Minnesota – and he has succeeded. By standing up to House Republicans, and fighting for a better outcome to this legislative session, the Governor has secured significant increases in education funding and better environmental and consumer protections. It is the House Republicans who threw cold water on this session attempting to thwart any real progress on issues of concern to Minnesotans like transportation, education, health care, and the environment. 

“I call on Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt to issue an apology to Gov. Dayton and focus on the legislative work at hand.”


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What Gov. Dayton fought for

img-markdayton-highfiveLast month, Governor Mark Dayton vetoed three major budget bills – because they were bad for our kids, bad for our environment, and bad for our shared future. Over the last three weeks, Governor Dayton fought to make those bills better – and he has. By standing up to House Republicans, and fighting for a better outcome to this legislative session, the Governor has secured significant increases in education funding, and better environmental and consumer protections:

This is what Governor Dayton was fighting for:

A Better Education Bill – The Republican House wanted to invest just $157 million in E-12 Education this session, which was woefully inadequate to meet the needs of our students. Governor Dayton fought for a significant increase in education funding, and secured $525 million of new investments in our schools. Those new funds will increase school funding for every classroom, invest $100 million in early learning initiatives that will benefit thousands of children, provide better educations for English Language Learners and American Indian students, and more. [Read More]

A Better Jobs and Energy Bill – The Jobs and Energy Bill passed by the Legislature sought to undermine a decade of nation-leading progress on clean energy, and rolled back essential consumer protections for Minnesotans. Governor Dayton fought back, protecting funding to thoroughly review prices proposed by health insurance companies – to make sure health premiums paid by Minnesotans are justified and reasonable. The Governor secured funding to help provide job opportunities for Minnesotans with disabilities, and prevent people with mental illness from becoming homeless. And he fought to keep broadband grants competitive for communities in Greater Minnesota who need better access to high-speed internet. [Read More]

A Better Environment and Agriculture Bill – The Environment and Agriculture Bill that Governor Dayton vetoed was full of bad policies that would have rolled back critical environmental protection measures that preserve clean water, land, and air in Minnesota. The Governor fought back, eliminating provisions that would have granted indefinite amnesty for polluters, weakened water quality standards, and unnecessarily delayed essential environmental reviews. Governor Dayton also secured landmark buffer legislation that will help significantly improve water quality by designating an additional 110,000 acres around rivers and streams for permanent vegetation, preventing pollution from entering our waters. [Read More]

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Note from State Auditor Rebecca Otto

rebecca-email-bannerLooks like special session will happen any day. Minnesota is a good government state for a reason – we have strong oversight of billions of taxpayer dollars – much of it handed out by the legislature. The Office of the State Auditor provides that oversight. We are the envy of the nation for a reason.

The legislature gutted a Constitutional Office in the middle of the night at the end of session. They were hoping you would not notice or care. What they seem to not understand is that the Office of the State Auditor watchdogs the money they hand out on behalf of the people who were taxed.

The law they passed needs to be repealed in the special session. The House and Senate members need to hear from you loud and clear that privatization of the people’s watchdog office is not OK.

Thank you!

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Income inequality begins at birth and the stats that prove it

Money-and-CalendarJohn Komlos, an economist, writing for PBS.org posted an article on May 4, 2015, titled “Income inequality begins at birth and these are the stats that prove it.”

In the essay, he states that “even conservative Republican Alan Greenspan, an ardent advocate of free markets, is beginning to see inequality as a fundamental threat to the system and admits that,’You cannot have the benefits of capitalist market growth without the support of a significant proportion, and indeed, virtually all of the people; and if you have an increasing sense that the rewards of capitalism are being distributed unjustly, the system will not stand.'”

Mr. Komlos goes on to detail breakdowns in our current system that are causing people to be stuck in poverty from birth to death.

Here’s a link to the complete article.

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